Beard Transplant Los Angeles

Handsome bearded man

To many, facial hair is a defining characteristic in determining attractiveness among men. However, sparse hair growth and thinning patches in the beard region have stopped many from achieving this confidence.

Whether from genetics, traumatic injury to the face, facial plastic surgery, or being in transition, the good news is that you can achieve the beard and masculine appearance you want with modern technology. With our innovative hair transplant solutions and industry-leading expertise, we provide the best beard transplant that Los Angeles and Beverly Hills can offer. Experience natural-looking beard fullness and renewed confidence with Burbank Hair Transplant.

Handsome bearded man

Our Facial Hair Transplant in Los Angeles

At Burbank Hair Transplant, we use Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and automated Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) via NeoGraft to perform our beard transplants in Los Angeles. All of our hair transplant and treatment plans are bespoke and customized to the patient’s desired results and needs.

What is FUT?

FUT is also known as the strip method. In this procedure, the surgeon removes a strip of skin from the scalp to dissect and obtain individual hair follicles to transplant to the beard region.

What is FUE?

In manual FUE, the surgeon will use a precision tool and fine forceps to remove hair follicles from the donor site and individually transplant them to the facial area. With NeoGraft, the surgeon will use an automated handheld device to harvest the follicles and implant them at the treatment site. The benefit of using this technology is that it ensures that every incision is the same, guaranteeing greater precision with your hair graft placement.

Both harvesting methods have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Your surgeon will work with you to determine which procedure is best suited for your needs.

About the Procedure: Process & Recovery

One of the most vital aspects of beard transplant is the design of the facial hair region. Our surgeons will listen to your goals and create a custom beard design that is suitable for your desired outcome and needs.

Choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon is critical, as a successful outcome requires understanding the anatomy and intricacies of facial hair transplants. Despite being a straightforward procedure, it requires artistry, precision, and attention to the angle, density, and direction of the beard’s hair growth. Our skilled team can complete these procedures in less than a day.

Depending on the harvesting method used, recovery will vary but remain manageable. With FUT, you may experience slight discomfort and swelling at the incision site with some redness and scabbing for the first week‌. While patients may return to their work and social routine in a few days, we advise against certain activities such as smoking, heavy lifting, and strenuous physical activity. 

Sexy man with beard smiling big against wall
Sexy man with beard smiling big against wall

More About Beard Transplants

When done by an experienced, board-certified surgeon, beard transplant results will look natural and traces of the procedure will be undetectable.

We advise against touching, trimming, or any form of facial grooming for at least ten days following your transplant to avoid disturbing the transplanted follicles.

The confidence and fulfillment that a full beard brings is priceless. If you have struggled with growing a beard, sideburns, or mustache, or if you are in FtM transition, a transplant can help you ‌achieve your desired masculine look.


Feel Bolder and More Confident with Our Beard Transplant Los Angeles Services

In the hands of our board-certified doctors at Burbank Hair Transplant, you can experience natural-looking, long-lasting results with our innovative beard restoration solutions.

Whether you’re looking for help with facial hair, eyebrows, or the head, we have the means to help you regain your self-confidence through our range of hair growth treatments. Reach out to our team today if you need hair transplant services in Burbank and Los Angeles, California.