Transgender Hair Transplant


Understanding the intricacies of how hairlines between men and women differ aesthetically is one of the many aspects to consider in performing a successful transgender hair transplant.

It is essential that your surgeon is both skilled in hair restoration and well-versed in the unique differences between MtF (Male to Female) and FtM (Female to Male) procedures. At Burbank Hair Transplant, we take on an individualized approach to hair transplant surgery to best complement your look and identity.


Our Transgender Hair Transplant Procedures

While transgender and cis-gender hair transplant procedures follow the same surgical methodology and technology, the former requires a high level of sensitivity, artistry, and technique to achieve the desired outcome. Let our board-certified surgeons help you in your journey.

As part of your transition, you may have considered hair transplant surgery to increase hair density and volume, restore lost hair, or alter your hairline. You have two main hair transplant options at our clinic:


Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is the traditional hair transplant technique wherein a long strip of the scalp from the patient is excised. The surgeon then separates the individual hair follicles from the taken sample and relocates them onto the recipient site — the balding area of the head where hair is needed.


Meanwhile, Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE involves extracting and transplanting the hair follicles onto the recipient area by hand or machine. It requires no incision or sutures and no visible scarring. At Burbank Hair Transplant, we perform automated FUE through Neograft.


The Differences between MtF & FtM Hair Restoration

There are many challenges in transgender hair transplant procedures due to the differences between male and female hairlines. That is why it is recommended to seek a professional consultation with a board-certified surgeon with the skills and experience to deliver exceptional and natural-looking results.

About MtF Hair Transplant

Male to female hair transplant focuses on fighting male pattern baldness effects and converting a male-shaped hairline to a more feminine one. The procedure will aim to increase hair density and lower and alter the hairline (as feminine hairlines are flatter and more rounded) to create a soft, natural-looking facial appearance.

For patients with ongoing male pattern baldness, the receding hairlines and thinning regions on the scalp will be treated with FUE. Non-surgical hair loss treatments such as hormonal therapy will likely be a part of the hair restoration plan to aid in the transition.

About FtM Hair Transplant

Female to male hair transplant focuses on eyebrow, beard, and mustache hair restoration for the most part. At Burbank Hair Transplant, we provide outstanding FtM beard transplant and eyebrow transplant services through FUE to generate facial hair growth and give you a more masculine look.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for FtM patients to take testosterone as part of their transition and may be experiencing male pattern baldness. The body converts testosterone into DHT, which has an adverse effect on your hairline and results in balding regions. FtM hair restoration will likely include FUE and non-surgical hair restoration treatments to achieve a full head of hair.

Transgender woman sitting on chair

Transgender Hair Restoration Photos — Before and After

To give you an idea of the results our team of surgeons can achieve, below is a series of MtF hair transplant before and after photos. For more of our hair restoration results, browse our FUE transplant gallery.

Transgender woman sitting on chair

More About Transgender Hair Restoration

The cost will vary from patient to patient due to requiring an individualized treatment plan and can be determined during your consultation. Generally, FUE will be costlier than FUT.

For transgender hair loss, it is very likely that you will require hormone replacement therapy alongside a hair transplant.


Experience Life-Changing Results with Our Hair Transplant

Live your life the way you want to. Our board-certified doctors have the skills, artistry, and technique to perform hair transplant procedures that have helped many patients achieve their most desired results. Whether you wish to look more feminine or masculine, you can trust us to lend you a hand in your transition.

In our care, you can experience natural-looking, long-lasting results with our innovative hair restoration technology and techniques. Contact us today if you need our services at Burbank, Los Angeles.