FUE Hair Transplant Los Angeles


Follicular Unit Extraction

Hair loss is a frustrating and unwelcome effect of aging, hormones, genetics, and even some health conditions. It is heartbreaking to go from having a thick, full head of hair, to watching it slowly thin and fall out. There was a time when this would be just a fact of life, but now we have excellent methods to restore your crowning glory.
Hair transplantation works, and with the advances in technology that are available to us today, we can confidently say that your results will look perfectly natural.

Why people have this procedure:


Their hair loss will not respond to topical solutions, prescription medications, or PRP.


To permanently combat thinning hair or balding areas, with very little maintenance.


They are uncomfortable or nervous to wear a wig or hair piece.

The Process

There is a true art to this procedure. It requires a careful eye and attention to detail to achieve excellent results. Your surgeon will listen to your goals, and after a discussion and an examination, they will recommend a plan that will result in the most attractive and satisfying outcome.
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Because this treatment is minimally invasive, you can resume low impact regular activities fairly quickly.

More About the FUE Method

If you have an adequate donor site (usually at the back of the head), are in good physical health and a non-smoker, have realistic expectations and a positive outlook, you are likely a suitable candidate. A consultation will determine if this solution is right for you.
Yes, it is permanent in the sense that the follicles that are transplanted are programmed to grow for life. You may find that some shedding will occur, but with surgical skill and careful aftercare, you should have an excellent outcome.
This will depend upon how much hair needs to be transplanted. (Small, medium, large area.) Average time is 6 hours.
We recommend supplementing your procedure with *minoxidil and finasteride, as well as include boosters of PureCell PRP, (Platelet rich plasma) Peptides, and Red Light Therapy. *Minoxidil and finasteride are popular hair loss medications that are proven to be effective.
Possibly. Some patients do need to split treatments into two or three sessions. It is a time intensive procedure, so you will need more than one session if you have a larger area to treat. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will determine how many it might require to achieve your desired outcome. *We also recommend allowing some healing time in between sessions.
FUT is an older method of hair transplantation where a strip of skin is surgically removed from the back of the head to harvest the hair grafts and does leave a visible scar. FUE is the newest technique in which follicular units are extracted individually, directly from the scalp. It is more time intensive, but it is also much less invasive, less painful, and virtually scar free.

Experience a Higher Standard with Our Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques

With the expertise of our board-certified doctors at Burbank Hair Transplant, you can experience remarkable, natural-looking, and more permanent results with our intelligent hair transplant solutions. Restore your confidence today with the best FUE hair transplant in Los Angeles.