African American Hair Transplant Los Angeles

While hair loss can occur for various reasons regardless of race or ethnicity, it is particularly common among African Americans who have worn tight hairstyles like cornrows, braids, twists, or dreadlocks for prolonged periods of time. Repeatedly pulling hair back tightly causes a specific type of hair loss known as traction alopecia.

Fortunately, there are viable solutions to help treat traction alopecia and hair loss for textured and curly hair. Our African American hairline restoration and transplant treatments at Burbank Hair Transplant can help bring back your hair — and confidence.

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Our African American Hair Loss Treatment Options

The two methods to encourage the best hair growth for Black and African American patients are FUT and FUE hair transplants.

While non-surgical hair restoration treatments are an option, they prove ineffective for many patients. In situations where they are effective, the results may not be permanent, with the patient requiring continuous treatment.

Hair transplants offer a more long-lasting solution to hair loss. This method is considered the gold-standard treatment for hair loss patients of any ethnicity.

FUT: Follicular Unit Transplant

The FUT method (also called the strip method) involves removing a large strip of scalp from the back of the patient’s head. From the excised sample, individual hair follicles are separated and transplanted to the recipient site — where hair is thinning or falling out. The wound edges are sutured closed afterward.

FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE method involves extracting and relocating the individual hair follicles onto the recipient site. Without the need for excision, patients no longer have to anticipate large incisions or sutures.

Follicle extraction can be performed manually or robotically. At Burbank Hair Transplant, we use NeoGraft, an automated form of FUE that uses a device with a piston-driven motor, utilizing pneumatic pressure. Individual hair grafts are harvested from the donor site and then implanted into the recipient area using a specialized tool, which controls the depth of the insertion.

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Understanding the Challenges with African American Hair Transplants

There are unique features associated with Black and African American hair that pose additional challenges to performing a hair transplant:

With all of this in mind, provided the harvest extraction can be performed successfully, curly hair can have its advantages as it makes it easier to create a fuller appearance with fewer hair follicles. It is best to speak to a board-certified surgeon to determine what hair loss solution is best for your situation.


Choosing an African American Hair Transplant Los Angeles Clinic

Because of the additional challenges of working with Black and African American hair, we highly recommend choosing one of the top hair transplant surgeons for African American hair in Los Angeles and Burbank to perform your treatment.

At Burbank Hair Transplant, we have developed specialized expertise in transplanting textured hair and can recommend the best hair restoration solution based on a personalized scalp analysis. Request your free scalp analysis today.