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FUE Hair Transplant: Before and After

The FUE hair transplant procedure is one of the most sought-after hair restoration solutions for people struggling with hair loss and receding hairlines. It offers a virtually pain-free process, natural-looking and long-lasting results, quicker recovery, and a high success rate.

The hair transplant pictures below can attest to that success, made possible by NeoGraft’s cutting-edge technology and the expertise of our board-certified surgeons at Burbank Plastic Surgery.

man checking his hair in mirror

FUE Before and After at Burbank Plastic Surgery

Hair restoration is not a one-size-fits-all treatment — it is highly tailored to give the patient the best natural look.

Our intelligent hair loss treatments provide noticeable and thicker hair growth starting at six months — and this growth continues over time. See the fantastic results of our procedure through these FUE transplant before and after photos.


Hair Transplant Before and After – Male

before and after hair transplant photo of a man with black hair
before and after hair transplant photo of a man

About FUE Hair Transplant

FUE, which stands for follicular unit extraction, involves replacing old hair follicles with new and healthy ones. Using the latest NeoGraft technology, our surgeons at Burbank Plastic Surgery implant the individual hair follicles to areas where hair growth is missing or balding.

It is worth noting that the growth rate varies from person to person. For example, growth is seen faster in younger people and front area transplant patients than older people and vertex area transplant patients, respectively.

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a man with a beard and medium length dark hair

Points to Consider Before & After the Procedure

The success of a FUE hair transplant does not rely solely on the surgery itself but many other factors, including aftercare and following your doctor’s medical recommendations. Choosing the right surgeon to perform the transplant is also crucial for a successful outcome.

At Burbank Plastic Surgery, we guarantee not only board-certified surgeons for your procedure, but also exceptional care every step of the way in your hair restoration journey. If you are in the Burbank or Los Angeles areas, let’s talk. Schedule a free consultation with us today.